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What is SOLID?
The five principles of object oriented programming and design.
What is the S in SOLID?
Single Responsibility Principle. A class should only have a single responsibility.
What is the O in SOLID?
Open/Close Principle. A class should be open for extension, but closed for modification.
What is the L in SOLID?
Liskov Substitution Principle. Objects in a program should be replaceable with instances of their subtypes without altering the correctness of the program.
What is the I in SOLID?
Interface Segregation Principle. Many client-specific interfaces are favorable to one general purpose interface.
What is the D in SOLID?
Dependency Inversion Principle. One should depend on abstractions and not concretions (i.e. program to the interface).
Polymorphism, encapsulation, and inheritance.
What are the three things a language must have to be considered object-oriented?
What is encapsulation?
Hiding data. Restricting access to some data in a class, and providing methods, of which, the caller has no knowledge of implementation details to operate on the data.
What is polymorphism?
The ability of many different objects to be defined by a common interface, and executed dynamically based on the interface.
What is inheritance?
Objects are defined by classes, and classes can inherit attributes and implementation.
What is the difference between a stateless and stateful systems?
A stateless system will given some input, will always return the same output. A stateful system, given some input, will return different output depending on the state of the system.
What is YAGNI?
You aren't gonna need it A principle of extreme programming (XP) that states a programmer should not add functionality until deemed necessary.
constant-time, logarithmic, linear, polynomial, exponential, and factorial
What are the classes of Big O performance?
A stack. Push children onto stack from right to left.
What data structure is used to perform a depth first search?
A queue. Enqueue children from left to right.
What data structure is used to perform a breadth first search?