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Object-Oriented Programming

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Bob is a man(object)
Class = blueprint, recipe
Bob holds data (e.g. birth date) and methods that work with the data (e.g. calculate age)
also know as "composition", ability to combine several objects into a new one
designer, project manager & programmer are all based on and extend a person object
ability to to call the same method on different objects — each respond in their own way
Bob's date of birth is June 1st, 1980, gender: male, hair: black
Bob can eat sleep drink dream talk calculate his age
prototype (OOP)
Bob is based on another object called Programmer
information hiding
don't need to know how calculation method works internally
aggregation, composition
Bob is part of dev team object , with Jill, designer object, & Jack project manager object
polymorphism, method overriding
you can call methods Bob:talk, Jill:talk & Jack:talk and all will work fine producing different results. each "object" inherited the "method" talk from Person and customized it