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What is a computer program?
A computer program is a series of instructions that directs a computer to peform tasks
programmer, programming language
A computer program is created by a __________ using a __________.
What is a low-level programming language?
A low-level language is machine dependent, meaning that it runs on only one particular type of computer, and each language instruction usually equates to a single machine instruction
What is a high-level language?
A high-level language often is machine independent, meaning that it can run on many different types of computers, and each language instruction typically equates to multiple machine instructions
What is machine language?
A low level language. The first generation of programming languages. Ony language the computer directly recognizes
What is an assembly language?
The second generation of programming languages. Programmer writes instructions using symbolic instruction codes.
What is a source program?
contains the code to be coverted to machine language
What is a procedural language?
The programmer writes instructions that tell the computer what to accomplish and how to do it. These are third generation languages
What is a compiler?
translates an entire program before executing it
What is an interpreter
converts and executes one code statement at a time
What is the C programming language?
A language used to write many of today's programs
What is COBOL?
Common Business-Oriented Language, designed for business applications, but easy to read because of the English-like statements
What is an OOP language?
object-oriented programming, allows programmers the ability to reuse and modify existing objects
What is Java?
an object-oriented langauge developed by Sun Microsystems, is an OOP
What is JIT?
The Just-in-time compiler is used to convert the bytecode into machine-dependent code
What is the Microsoft .NET framework?
allows almost any type of program to run on the Internet or an internal business network, as well as computers and mobile devices
CLR (Common Language Runtime)
What are features of the Microsoft .NET framework?
What is C++
an extensino of the C programming language, is an object OOP
What is C#
based on C+++ and was developed by Microsoft, is an OOP
What is F#
combines the benefits of an object-oriented language with those of a functional language, is an OOP
What is Visual Basic
based on the BASIC programming language, is an object oriented programming language, is an OOP
What is Visual C++
based on C++, is an object oriented programming language
Visual C#
combines the programming elements of C++ with an easier, rapid-development enviroment. an OOP
What is a visual programming language?
a langauge that uses a visual or graphical interface for creating all source code
What is Borland's Delphi
a powerful program development tool that is ideal for building largescale enterprise and Web applications in a RAD enviroment
What is a PowerBuilder
a powerful program development RAD tool. Best suited for web-based, .NET, and largescale enterprise object-oriented applications
a nonprocedural langauge that enables users and programmers to acess data in a database
What are some classic programming languages?
Ada, ALGOL, APL, BASIC, Forth, FORTRAN, HyperTalk LISP, Logo, Modula-2, Pascal, PILOT, PL/1, Prolog, RPG, Smalltalk
application generator
a program that creates source code or machine code from a specification of the required functionality. Oftenbundled as part of a DBMS
A __________ is a series of instructions that can be grouped together as a single command and are often used to automate a complex set of tasks or a repeated series of tasks.
how a macro is usually created
record the macro with a macro recorder
a special formattin language that programmers use to format documents for display on the Web. used for web page development
a markup langauge that allows Web sites to be displayed more easily on mobile devices
allows Web developers to create customized tags and use predefined tages to display content appropriately on various devices
a subset of XML and is used to design pages for microbrowsers
RSS 2.0 and ATOM
two applications fo XML
Progrrams that use CGI
Scripts, Applets, Servlets, ActiveX controls
common gateway interface, allows you to send and receive information between compter and a Web server
javascript, Perl, PHP, Rexx, Tcl, VBScript
What do programmers use to write scripst, applets, servlets, or ActiveX controls?
Dynamic HTML, allows Web developers to include more graphical interest and interactivity
Cascading style sheets, contain the formats for how a particular object should be displayed
Ruby on Rails, provides technologies for developing object-oriented, database-driven Web sites
Share personal information
Web 2.0 allows Web sites to provide a means for users to:__________
Used by most Web 2.0 sites. enables prgrammers to interact with an enviroment such as a Web site or operating system
Web page authoring software
can create sophisticated Web pages that include images, video, audio, animation, and other effects. Includes dreamweaver, flash, expression web, sharepoint designer.
descritptions of a document's characteristics
What does a style sheet contain
what is SML
an increasingly popular format for sharing data that allows web developers to create customized tags, as well as use predefined tags
Multimedia authoring software
allows programmers to combine text, graphics, animation, audio, and video in an interactive presentation. Includes ToolBook and Director
To show program modules graphically
What is the purpose of a hierarchy (structure) chart?
False - Sequence control structure
A selection control sturcutre shows one or more actions following each other in order. True or False?
0 != 1