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a statement containing a combination of database fields, constants, and operators that you define in a query to perform a calculation
common field
a field that appears in more than one table, allowing you to connect the records in the separate tables
Form View
a display of the fields in a record that makes it easy to enter new data or to edit existing data or to choose actions.
primary key
A field that uniquely identifies each record in a file.
Database Management System (DBMS)
a software program that lets you create databases and then manipulate data in them
comparison operator
in a query, an operator that asks Access to compare the value in a database field to the condition value and to select all the records for which the relationship is true
home tab
a ribbon tab that provides access to frequently used commands
design view
the Access view you use to define or modify a table structure or the properties of the fields in a table
layout view
the Access view in which you can make design changes to a form or report while it is displaying data so that you can immediately see the effects of changing the design
Relational database management system
a DBMS that organizes data in tables (relations)
A collection of fields that appear as a row in a database or table.
foreign key
a primary key field from one table that you include as a field in a second table to form a relationship between the two tables
Data type
Describes type of attribute. Data types are decided by the software or DBMS.
a predefined set of formats for text, colors, images, and graphical effects that are applied throughout a document to create a specific look and feel
a criterion, or rule, that determines which records are selected in a query
sort field
the field used to determine the order of records in a datasheet
control layout
a set of controls grouped together in a form or report so that you can manipulate the set as a single control
run (a query)
answering a query and displaying the results
A column in a table.
a method of viewing, changing, combining, or analyzing data.
aggregate function
a function that performs an arithmetic operation on selected records in a database
zoom box
a dialog box you can use to enter text, expressions, or other values
logical operator
in a query, an operator that allows you to combine two or more conditions
report wizard
an Access tool that asks you a series of questions, and then creates a report based on your answers
find command
a command you use to search for data in a form or a table or query datasheet so that you can locate a specific field value or part of a field value
join line
in the Relationships window, the line that connects the common field that joins two tables
primary table
A form created from more than one table uses the __________ for the main form.
redundant key
a primary key that consists of two or more fields
multitable query
a query based on more than one table
one or more
Access may base query on __________ tables or queries.
Experienced database developers avoid using __________ in field names and object names because names with __________ might cause errors if the objects are involved in programming tasks.
How many characters may a field name in Access contain including numbers, letters, spaces and special characters?
ID field
the default primary key for an Access database
long integer
the default setting for the Field Size property for a field with the Number data type
The arithmetic subtraction operator.
0 != 0
0 != 1
a relationship between Access tables that is a relationship between one record in the first table and zero, one, or many records in the second table, and at least one record in the second t…
wildcard character
a placeholder used in a search when the search should start or end with a specific character or match a particular pattern
the query is run
A calculated field created in a query generates results when __________.
detail record
a set of field values for a record that is found in a table related to the primary table on which a report is based