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Hitler's Foreign Policy

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Mein Kampf
book written by Hitler while he was imprisoned, it sets out his aims for a future Germany
prison Hitler went to after the failed Munich Putsch
Hitler's main aims
rearming Germany, regaining lost territory, unite all German-speaking people, gain Lebensraum
German expression for living space
October 1933
Hitler withdraws Germany from the League of Nations
in 1933 Germany was very __________ in military terms - Hitler could not risk opposition
Austrian Nazis (encouraged by Hitler) try to seize power in Austria
January 1935
Saar Plebiscite
__________ of people living the the Saar vote for the return to Germany
March 1935
Hitler reintroduces conscription
June 1935
Anglo-German Naval Agreement supporting Germany's rearmament
Hitler is allowed to build a fleet as long as it is not bigger than __________ of the British fleet
7 March 1936
Hitler's troops march into the Rhineland
Maginot Line
line of fortresses built by France to protect its Eastern boarder
Britain and France do not object Hitler's remilitarisation of the Rhineland as they think he is only 'marching into his own __________'
__________ with Austria was forbidden by the tReaty of Versailles in 1919
Engelbert Dollfuss
Austrian Chancellor killed in 1934
25 July 1934
Engelbert Dollfuss is assassinated by Austrian Nazis
Nazi regime in Austria is prevented by __________
October 1936
Rome-Berlin-Axis allying Germany and Italy
Spanish Civil War
because Mussolini is involved in the Spanish Civil War he is __________ to interfere with Hitler's plans in Austria again
early 1938
rumours of another Nazi plot to overthrow the Austrian government go round
Kurt Schuschnigg
Austrian Chancellor (1934-1938)
Schuschnigg appeals to __________ for help to end the plotting
Arthur Seyss-Inquart
leader of the Austrian Nazi Party
minister of interior
Hitler refuses to help Schuschnigg and pressures him to appoint Seyss-Inquart as __________
Schuschnigg tries to end the disturbance and to save Austria's independence by starting a __________ on whether Austria should stay independent
Hitler is alarmed and sends troops to the Austrian boarder forcing Schuschnigg to call off the plebiscite and __________
11 March 1938
Seyss-Inquart is appointed Austrian Chancellor
12 March 1938
German troops enter Austria and Seyss-Inquart hands the power over to Hitler - Anschluss is proclaimed
14 March 1938
Hitler processes in triumph through Vienna
capital of Austria
80 000
number of Hitler's opponents in Austria placed in labour camps after the Anschluss
April 1938
German troops begin to mass at Czech boarder
percentage of Austrians voting for the Anschluss with Austria
self determination
result of plebiscite provided the excuse of Austrian __________ for Hitler
Neville Chamberlain
British Prime Minister (1937-1940)
A result of the Munich Conference of 1938; became exclusively tied and identified with Chamberlain. Although Hitler had signed an agreement in the Munich Conference, Hitler returned to his expansion ways as he took…
Sudeten Crisis
Czechoslovakia is formed
3 million
number of German speaking people in Czechoslovakia
area of Czechoslovakia in which majority of German-speaking people lived in
resources and military defences
Sudetenland contained many __________
12 September 1938
Hitler announces he would support the Sudeten Germans
15 September 1938
Chamberlain meets Hitler in Berchtesgaden to discuss his demands
parts of the Sudetenland
Chamberlain persuades Czechs to transfer __________ to Germany
22 September 1938
Chamberlain meets Hitler in Godesberg to inform Hitler about the agreement he has made with the Czechs
threatens to go to war
Hitler wants the whole of the Sudetenland and __________
September 1938
Munich Conference
1 October 1938
German army occupies the Sudentenland
October 1938
Czechoslovakia loses land to Poland
November 1938
Czechoslovakia loses land to Hungary
Czech president Hacha has no choice but to invite Hitler into Czechoslovakia after the Slovaks demanded more rights
15 March 1939
Hitler marches into Prague
Czech capital
April 1939
Britain and France promise to support Poland if it was attacked by Germany
Summer 1939
USSR/Russia tries to make alliances with Britain or France
23 August 1939
Germany and USSR sign Nazi-Sovjet Pact
1 September 1939
Germany invades Poland
3 September 1939
Britain declares war on Germany
17 September 1939
Sovjet Union invades Poland