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Separation of Powers

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U.S. Senate
Who tries impeachments?
Chief Justice
Who presides over impeachments of the President?
Who presides over impeachments of federal judges?
Vice President as President of the Senate
inferior courts
Lower courts are also called
District and Circuit Courts of Appeals
List the two levels of federal inferior courts
proposal and ratification
What are the two steps in the Amendment process
Legislative (Congress)
Which branch of government has the power to propose Amendments to the Constitution?
How does the Amendment process reflect federalism?
Amendments are proposed at the federal level, but ratified at the state level
These would be considered federal criminal cases.
federal tax evasion, mail fraud, illegal drug use, etc.
These would be considered federal civil cases.
violation of civil rights, patent infringement, lawsuits, etc.
When a request is made to have a case heard at a higher court.
judicial review
Process in which the Supreme Court determines the Constitutionality of a law or executive action.
majority opinion
The U.S. Supreme Courts opinion on a case is called this...
minority opinion
The dissenting opinion in a U.S. Supreme Court case is also called this...
Two ways a U.S. Supreme Court decision can be overturned.
amend the Constitution or rule differently on a similar case
One who tends to favor change, government involvement to improve society and expansion of rights to all
One who tends to favor tradition values and little government involvement in society
John Roberts
Who is the current Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court?
charge with a crime (impeach)
to find guilty
Which branch conducts oversight investigations?
Which branch enforces laws?
Which branch accepts amicus briefs?
legislative (Senate)
Which branch ratifies treaties?
amicus curiae brief
means "friend of the court"
writ of certiorari
When a higher court orders a lower court to provide documents regarding a case for review.