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International Security

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Nuclear Terrorism Commission
prevention of proliferation and terrorism
Nuclear Terrorism Probability
-long term frequency is 0
Wolfers on Security
security points to some degree of protection of values previously acquired (too broad)
3 Security Questions
-Hobbes,Waltz, Mearsheimer
Prime Value Approach
Mitzen Values/Threats
ontological security
Huntington Values/Threats
Schmitt Values/Threats
friend/enemy distinction
Dahl on Power
A has power over B if A can get B to do something B would not otherwise do
Latent Power
Cohen on RMA
"future warfare may be more a gigantic artillery duel fought with sophisticated munitions rather than a chess like game'
Elements of RMA
-increased conventional firepower
BOP Relative Power
What is BOP Good for?
adv - multiple possible coalitions of states
adv - no collective action problems
Buck Passing
Creates opportunities for aggressive states to pursue hegemony under conditions of unbalanced multipolarity
Can Security Institutions Work?
Wohlforth (YES)
Is a Unipolar World Durable?
prisoners dilemma
Institutions and Security?
The July Crisis
A-H vs. Serbia
Britain WWI
-conflicts with Russia, France, Germany
An ideal or perfect place or state; a place achieving social or political perfection