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Evolution of International Society

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international society approach
the English School of IR
international society
Characteristics of Ancient
Features of the Roman Empire
Focus on Roman Europe
many political groups constantly at war
Hedly Bull
A society of state exists when a group of states, conscious of certain common interest and common values, forms a society in the sense that the conceive themselves to be bound by a common…
supranational (religious authority)
Islam and Medical Europe
Amphyctionic council
a religious institution whose concern was to provide some provide some protection for shrines such as the Delphic Oracle
settle certain inter-city disputes
ancient consulate
canon laws
church rules
Peaceful co-existance
Islamic worlds coexistence with unbelievers for rather longer than the ten year truce
state system
16th century writings
like Francisco de vitoria
thirty years war
last religious war
Napoleonic wars
followed by a shift to a more managed, hierarchal, international society within Europe and imperial structure in Europe's relations
Treaty of Utrecht
1713, ended War of Spanish Succession between Louis XIV's France and the rest of Europe; prohibited joining of French and Spanish crowns; ended French expansionist policy; ended golden age of Spain; vastly expanded British Empire.
nation over state
American & French revolution
concert of europe
established after defeat of Napoleon
Collective Security
An arrangement by which all members of the international community agree to oppose together a threat to the security of any of them.
Cold War
A conflict that was between the US and the Soviet Union. The nations never directly confronted each other on the battlefield but deadly threats went on for years.
collapse of the soviet union
completed the globalization of international society
Robert jackson
freedom of international society
cosmopolitan culture
in which the central norms revolve around the rights of individual rather
Clash of civilization
western and eastern values are simply incompatible
Andrew hurrell- int. society
a moral global community in which claims about justice can both secure authority and be genuinely accessible to a broad swath of humanity will be one that is built around some minimal notion of just process
state chronology 1800-1900
french rev. introduces nationalism