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International Relations At the Turn of the Century

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Chinese Exclusion Act
Banned all future Chinese immigration in 1882. Was prompted by anti-immigrant sentiment in California and other western areas, stemming from Chinese immigrants accepting lower wages for jobs formerly held by white workers.
American Expansion
The notion that the U.S should acquire territory outside of the continental U.S to secure military and economic interest.
Spanish-American War
Gave the United States control of Cuba after driving out the Spanish. Was preceded by a "war fever" for American expansion.
Philippine-American War
Was the first battles of the Spanish-American War in which the U.S. military defeated the Spanish and kept the Philippines as a U.S. territory until 1946.
Roosevelt Corollary
Expanded the Monroe Doctrine to state that the U.S. had the right to intervene in Latin American affairs in times of economic crisis, whether European countries planned to intervene or not.
Panama Canal
Jimmy Carter negotiated with Panama, saying that the United States and Panama would both control the Canal until 2000, at which time Panama would fully take control.