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Neo Marxism & Religion

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Neo Marxism
20th century approach
Otto Maduro
Liberation Theology
Liberation Theology
Religion is one of the main available to bring about social revolution
Which church was involved in Liberation Theology?
Latin America
Where was the Liberation Theology movement first found?
When was the Liberation Theology movement first found?
What happened with the L.T movement?
Catholic priests stood up against the RC who were deepening rural poverty and abusing human rights
Break down RC power and reduced oppression
What did the L.T movement manage to do?
But what happened as a negative of L.T movement?
Some priests were killed because of the help they gave to the WC
Example of Neo Marxist theory
Origins of the Labour party
John Wesley
Who established the Methodist church?
Why was the Methodist church created?
Wesley believed everyone should be involved in religion so the WC should have access to it
From the Methodist church,
the labour party took its ideology, representing the WC so that they could have the same rights as the RC
Evaluation of Neo Marxism
Marxism: Liberation Theology helped bring about democracy but did not threaten capitalism. No social change