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separation of powers
Constitutional division of powers among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, with the legislative branch making law, the executive applying and enforcing the law, and the judiciary interpreting the law
Hillary Clinton
First and last name required. This politician ran for the Democrat nomination for president in 2008, but lost to Barack Obama. She was a senator from New York from 2001 to 2009, when she…
Isaac Shelby
In the Revolutionary War, he led militia troops from Transylvania at King's Mountain. In service to his state, he campaigned for free trade on the Mississippi and fought at the Battle of the Thames [TE…
Henry Knox
Following the American Revolution, this man succeeded George Washington as commander of the Army and later served as the first Secretary of War under Washington. Who is the name sake of a Kentucky fort,…
Barack Obama
He was a community organizer and a senator from Illinois. While in his highest elected office, he pushed a health care reform law nicknamed after him. Who was elected president of the United State…
Mitt Romney
He joined Bain and Company in the 1970s after earning law and business degrees at Harvard. He was resident of the Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics, and was governor of Massachusetts from …
This political unit does not exist in Louisiana, which has parishes. In Kentucky, this unit is usually governed by a fiscal court. What political unit does Kentucky have 120 of?
How many counties are in Kentucky?
Speaker of the House
If both the president and the vice president can no longer serve then who becomes president?
Articles of confederation
The compact among the thirteen original states that established the first government of the United States
Thanks to the shutdown, public approval of this body dropped to five percent in October 2013. It is split into two houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Identify the federal legislature of the United States.
government shutdown
As a result of this event, United States national parks were closed and NASA employees furloughed. It began on October 1, 2013, when the Republican House and the Democratic Senate failed to agree …
As of October 11, 2013, at the federal level, this system was "shutdown." It comes in varieties ranging from democracy and republic to monarchy and dictatorship. What name is given to any system that cond…
John Boehner
Speaker of the House
Checks and balances
A government structure that gives each branch some scrutiny of and control over the other branches
balanced budget
Budget in which revenues are equal to spending
This act was committed by Guy Fawkes against England and Vidkun Quisling against Norway. One American considered guilty of it was Benedict Arnold. Identify the crime of conspiring to harm one's nation.
Supreme Court
-highest court in the nation, final court of appeal