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Post-War Life in the US

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Per Capita GDP
the average annual income per person (increased from $1,223 to $2,219 in the same period) - pg. 668-Austin
Corporation made up of three or more unrelated businesses - Rico
A business that contracts to offer certain goods and services from a larger parent company (p 669) Colin
A tiny circuit device that amplifies, controls, and generates electrical signals. (invented 1947). Merhawi
Baby Boom
As soldiers returned from WWII and settled into family life, they contributed to an unprecedented population explosion.
GI Bill of Rights
a law that provided a range of benefits for returning World War II veterans (commonly referred to as G.I.s). Benefits included low-cost mortgages, low-interest loans to start a business, cash payments of tuition and li…
What were the main advantages of the franchise system?
Franchise owners assume less risk than small business owners pg. 669-Nyah
How did television contribute to the growth of consumer spending?
Marketing and advertising on television made people want to spend more- Max
Why was the invention of the transistor significant?
It amplifies,controls and generates electrical signals, took up small space and generated heat. Could be used in radios, computers and other devices, changed electronics industry. (P 671) -ALEX
What made suburbs expand?
With the GI Bill of rights a lot of the veterans moved to the suburbs, which cost less than living in the cities- Lowell 673
How did suburban expansion lead to the growth of the auto industry, highways, and consumer credit?
This created a purpose for highways. It helped people go to work and a need for cars to drive on the highways. The cost of the gas for the car caused an expansion in consumer credit. -Sam
Type of music that grew out of rhythm-and-blues. People like Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley made this type of music. KELSEY
"Someone who criticized American society as apathetic and conformist pg.977 Emily
Why were teenagers more likely to remain in school during the 1950s?
there was a strong economy; so they did not need to get job…"
Why did some women choose not to give up their jobs?
Women chose not to give up their jobs because they had to make the money, the liked being occupied by the jobs, and they wanted to buy products to be apart of the "good life." (pg. 677)
Why did many adults dislike rock-and-roll?
Adults feared it would cause a rise in immorality. Some, who were comfortable with racial segregation, felt threatened by the bridges rock-and-roll built between races. Despite all of this, rock-and-roll's popularity continued to rise. (Pages 678-679)
How did beatniks challenge conformity in the 1950s?
Beatniks challenged traditional patterns of respectability and shocked other Americans with their open sexuality and their use of illegal drugs. (pg. 679) -Shaylyn
the social and economic transition from wartime to peace -Stuart (pg. 680)
Taft-Hartley Act
Law passed congress in 1947 that allowed the President to declare an 80 day cooling-off period when strikes impact industries that affected the National interest, and required strikes to return to work while government condu…
Modern Republicanism
Ike`s approach to "dynamic conservation" ex. cutting spending, reducing taxes, and balancing the budget -Abby
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
In 1958, the United States government responded to the launch of Sputnik in 1957, by creating the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The Americans feared a nuclear attack after the launch of Sputnik so they created NASA.-Mitchell pg. 686
National Defense Education Act
1958 measure designed to improve science and mathematics instruction in schools. (pg.686) -George
Explain how Truman had difficulty helping the economy make the transition from wartime to peacetime.
Most Americans had limited access to consumer goods and wages failed to keep up with prices. -Anna pg. 680
NASA -Hayden
What two things (Act and/or Agency) were created as a response to the Soviet's launch of Sputnik?
What did Truman do to try to promote Civil Rights?
In 1946, Truman appointed a biracial Committee on Civil Rights to look into race relations. In 1948, Truman banned discrimination in the hiring of federal employees, and he ordered an end to segregation and discrimination in the armed forces.
How was Truman's reelection in 1948 considered an upset?
His support was disinegrating and people were suprised and upset that he won. -Miles (Pg, 682-683)