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European Parliament

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European Parliament
Represents the people of the EU member states
Origin of the European Parliament
Original assembly made up of people from member states' parliaments
Composition of the European Parliament
751 representatives from 28 member states
Pass European laws
3 Roles of Parliament
To adopt EU legislation, the parliament and the council are on equal footing
Democratic supervision
Parliament interviews prospective members for the Comission and votes on whether to approve the Commission as a whole, and can call for a mass resignation of the Commission
The power of the purse
The EU's annual budget is decided jointly by Parliament and the Council.
The President of the European Parliament
Elected for a renewable term of 2.5 years
European Parliament Seats
Shared out proportionately to the population of each member state (max 99. min 5)
Members of European Parliament Parties
They are grouped by political affinity, not nationality
Parliamentary Committees
MEPs are divided up among a number of specialized standing committees
Lisbon Treaty Effects on the EP
Now decides on vast majority of EU legislation