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European Council

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2009 with lisbon treaty
when was it formally recognised as an institution
by QMV
how is a president elected
2.5 years renewable once
how long is a president elected for
drives forward the work
what does the president do
how many times do they meet
4x a year - 2x every 6 months
where do they meet
who does it consist of
heads of state of gov of ms, comm president and ec president
what does it do
sets the EUs general political direction and priorities
what did it begin as originally
a forum for discussion between eu leaders
what does it do now
passes eu laws - final say on new eu laws proposed by commission
no fixed members
relevant minister of ms holding presidency for that 6 month term
qmv unless treaty says otherwise
how are the votes weighted
by population sizes - malta has 3, uk fr it and ger have 29
what percentage is needed to be passed
55% of countries representing 65% of totaly eu population
how many ms are needed to block a decision
foreign policy and taxation
which requires a unanimous vote