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European Commission

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two step process
Appointment of the commission
Appointment of the commissions' President
Council proposes QM, Hearing by EP, election by majority of EP
Appointment of the commissioners(a)
Proposition of the High representative of the Union for foreign affairs and security policy (EC proposes with QM)
Appointment of the commissioners(b)
Proposition of ordinary commissioners (Each member state: 1 commissioner, EC council proposes a list of commissioners in common accord with the Commission President-elect with qualified majority)
Appointment of the commissioners(c)
decision by the EP (hearing of the high representative and all commissioners before the respective committees of the parliament, Pres+high repr+commissioners as one body)
Appointment of the commissioners(d)
The council appoints the new commission with QM
5 years (parallel Parliament)
Duration appointment of the commission
Role of the Commissioners
shall promote the general interest of the Union (not representative of their country!)
Composition of the Commission before and after 1 nov. 2014
1 comm per MS, 2/3rds of the MS (rotation system under unanimity of EC; so EC may decide not to make the reduction)
Prior resignation of the commission
EP motion of censure, 2/3rds, majority of members, commission has to resign, high representative has to resign, new commission for the remaining time
25 (27-1-1)
How many commissioners from the Member States?
How many people in Commissioners' Cabinet?
A directorate General
What is a Commissioners' Cabinet in charge of?
Tasks of the Commission
Preparation and execution of decisions
Tasks of the Commission(2)
Right of Initiative by the Commission
Tasks of the Commission(3)
Transposition of Decisions (concretion of decisions, guardian of the treaties)
Tasks of the Commission(4)
EU's external relations after Council's authorization
Commission in practice
Principle of collective responsibility, voting within the commission with majority (all votes weighted the same + aim for consensus), Role of the Commission's President, motor of integration, fusion bureaucracy, self concept (expert's committee)
Role of the Commission's President
appoints Vice-Presidents, distributes competencies, guides the commission, can request a commissioner to resign
Subsidiary principle
every decision should be made on the lowest level. If nothing helps, the EU should decide.
Commission has the last decision about...
the suggestion (EC and EP can alter, but it pays off to have influence on the very first decision)