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Political Institutions of the European Union

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Territory, Sovereignty, independence, legitimacy
What 4 elements make a state?
voluntary association
What it means to be in the EU
why the EU is a supranational entity
its institutions have power to make laws
Combination of Supranatural and intergovernmental
EU council + council of ministers (intergovernmental)
peace keeping
Pros of integration
Cons of integration
loss of sovereignty
Theories of Integration
Realism, functionalism, and neofunctionalism
An artistic movement which depicts life as it actually is.
building of ad hoc organization, promoting peace by peaces, cooperation (better promoted by experts
(preconditions are needed before integration can occur) switch in public attitudes from nationalism to cooperation, elites promoting integration for pragmatic rather than altruistic reasons, delegation of powers to a new authority, once these things o…
a given action, related to a specific goal, creates a situation in which the original goal can be assured only by taking further actions, which in turn create a further condition and a need for more action
functional spillover
if one sector of the economy is integrated, it will lead to the integration of other sectors
technical spillover
disparities in standards will cause state to rise with the tightest regulations
political spillover
interest groups will soon try to influence regional institutions
Fundamental argument: collective actions between states that doesn't impact on individual nation's sovereignty.
evolution of EU
May 9th 1950 conference of the french foreign minister robert shuman
Treaty of Rome
Endangered Species Act
Compensation and Liability Act "Superfund"
third enlargment
1986 Single European Act
Postwar I
40 Million Dead
Postwar II
Political Shift to the left because:
how was the US a postwar global policeman?
the US's primary goal was defending Europe from USSR, Allies were divided/poor, Soviet Berlin's Blokade, 1949 NATO was created
1952 European Defense Community (EDC)
first step towards its own defense system, but a failure because of the opposition of the UK and france. Treaty signed in Paris 1954 promoting unity and progressive integration of Europe
The council of Europe
result of the congress of europe held in the Hague May 1948
The Schuman Declaration