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European Integration

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The Marshall Plan
(declared June 1947, began 1948)
Council of Europe
International organization promoting cooperation between all countries of Europe: legal standards, human rights, democratic development, rule of law, and cultural cooperation
Schuman Declaration
1950: First 6 (B,F,N,L,I) subscribe and integrate their coal and steel industries
Treaty of Paris
a treaty between America and Spain in which we acquired the Philippines, Guam, Cuba, and Guam.
Treaties of Rome
establish European Economic Community and European Atomic Energy Community
Luxembourg Treaty
Gradual introduction of a system of own-resources. Strengthening of the Council
Currency Snake
Limit to the margin of fluctuation in member states currencies
Single European Act
-first revision of the Treaty of Rome,
Treaty of Maastricht
Creates the EU based on 3 pillars
European Communities
Economic, social and environmental policies
Common Foreign and Security Policy
human rights, democracy, foreign aid, security & defense policy, peacekeeping
Police and Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters
Drug trafficking, terrorism, human trafficking, organized crime, bribery/fraud
European Economic Area
4 freedoms: goods, services, persons and capital
Maastricht Criteria 1
Inflation rates no more than 1.5 % higher than the three lowest inflation rates of member states
Maastricht Criteria 2
Annual government deficit to GDP must not exceed 3%
Maastricht Criteria 3
Have joined the exchange-rate mechanism for 2 years and not have devalued its crrency
Maastricht Criteria 4
nominal long-term interest rate must not be more than 2% higher than in the three lowest inflation member states
EU Citizenship
right to circulate within the EU, right to vote in the state in which you reside, right to protection by the consular authorities of the state in which you reside, right to petition EU parliament
Copenhagen Criteria
rules that define whether a country is eligible to join the EU:
Amsterdam Treaty
Amends previous treaties, clarifies the link between EU and national citizenship "complementary"
Treaty of Nice
reformed institutional structure of the EU to prepare for eastern enlargement
Exclusive Competence
rules necessary to follow in order to be a part of the internal market
Shared competence
Union exercise of power over these issues cannot interfere with states exercising theirs
Supporting competence
Union carries out actions to support, coordinate or supplement states