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Direct Democracy

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Direct Democracy
A form of government in which citizens rule directly and not through representatives.
Representative democracy
a government in which people elect delegates tomake laws and conduct government.
Characteristics of Communism
one class would evolve, property would all be held in common, and there would be no need for government
Charactereistics of Fascism
Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights - Because of fear of enemies and the need for security, the people in fascist regimes are persuaded that human rights can be ignored in certain cases bec…
Characteristic of Nazism
Adolf Hitler / Germany 1933-1945
a hereditary sovereign, as a king, queen, or emperor.
A country government, or the form of goernment in which absolute power is exercised by a dictator
A government run by religious leaders.
Parliamentary Democracy
Political power is held by an elected parlimnent representing the people
Unitary System
A government gives all key powers to the national or central government
Define Federal System
A government is one that divides the powers of government between the national (federal) government and state and local governments
Define Traditional Economy
is an economic system where decisions are based or customs, beliefs, or religion with a social community
Market Economy
allows buyers and sellers acting in their individual interest to determine what, how, and for whom goods and services are produced.
command economy
a central authority makes the key economic decisions
Origins of Government
All societies, large or small, develop some form of government farms, villages grew into city-state.
1 Greek influence on government
1 important Greek influence was Greek introduced us to Democracy
What are the beliefs of Thomas Hobbes
Social contract-"All people were bad and that government was there to control. Nature of the man is evil, give up freedom for security
What are the beliefs of John Locke?
He believed people were good and government was there to protect the rights of people.
What are the beliefs of Baron de Montesquieu?
Balance of powers among people. Power corrupts, separation of powers, executive, legislative, judicial
What are the beliefs of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and what book did he write?
He believed rulers should observed the right of the people and what the people generally get. The contract was to protect their rights, happiness and property.French Philosopher -The book he wrote was The Social Contract
Great Charter..
What is another name for Magna Carta
What was the purpose of the Petition of Rights?
To limit King Charles' power. Severly limiting the King's power.
What was the purpose of the English Bill of Rights?
Set clear limits on what a ruler could and could not do. To spread enlightenment ideas to limit the Monarchy and establish a limited Monarchy
Rules to govern.
What was the purpose of the Mayflower Compact?
John Hancock
John Hancock-First chosen President of Congress; first to sign Declaration of Independence
What purpose did the 2nd Continental Congress serve?
Served as the acting government throughout the war.
define Confederation
A loose union of the independent states
Know the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
one vote per state, congress had no power to set or collect taxes. Congress could not regulate trade, no po
What did the Ordinance of 1785 establish?
Selling of lands raise money, public land survey system, square township. Surveyed land in N.W.
What was the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
established principles that the territories owned by the governmet were to be developed for statehood on an equal basis with the older states
Mayflower Compact
Pilgrims wrote it in 1620. Forty-one men decided which rules the Pilgrims needed to govern themselves in the new land. They decided to choose their own leaders and make their own laws.
French and Indian War
A struggle between the British and French in colonies of North America, part of the world wild war
Compare the main arguments of the Federalists
Federalists-Favored Constitution of the constitution security and order were key values. If people were ambitious and corrupt, then government should make use of those characteristics and produce good outcome.
Identify George Washington
He was the First President
Identify Thomas Jefferson
He was the third President of the U.S.
Explain Rule of Law
is every one in the legal system must be treated equally
Describe 1 Roman influence on government
1 important Roman influence was Roman Law
Greeks government influences
Direct democracy, voting by ballot , Male citizens only
Romans Government influences
Over threw Monorchy, Representative Democracy, citizens elect decision makers, Roman law
Who wroter the Spirit of law
Baron de Montequieu - French Philosopher
Who wrote the Social Contract
Jean-Jacques Roseau - French Philospher
John Locke
∑ Personal physician to Shaftesbury household,
Compare the main arguement of Anti-Federalists
Anti- Federalist- Rejected that ambition and corruption were inevitable parts of human natre. Favored keeping government small and local