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Patterns of Democracy

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david easton
the authoratative allocation of values for collectivity
Comparative politics
Examines different types of institutions & issues w/in different countries. Usually regionally based
Things that we compare
Different patterns of Governing
Two logics for government - inclusion or competition
Arend Lijphart
Patterns of democracy
majortarian government
by the people for the people
Consensus government
by as many people as possible
10. central bank dependence
government can manipulate monetary policy (interest rates)
Westminister System in Practice
-most common in UK systems: Canada, Bermuda, Australlia, etc.
10. Central Bank Independence
Monetary system managed independently of political leaders
Consensus Systems in Practice
.Most common in Western and Central Europe
Most countries exhibit some facets
of both majoritian and consensus political systems
Institutions to compare
.elections and parties