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Strategic Voting

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Strategic Voting
when a voter makes his vote different from what his actual preference ranking would be, in an attempt to obtain an outcome that's closer to his actual preferences than would have happened had he voted sincerely
Given any non-dictatorship for every voting method there are situations in which you can benefit by voting strategically
Borda Count
Which method is least susceptible to strategic voting (when N_>_3 & assuming relatively small # o voters vote strategicall)?
Plurality and anti-plurality
Which method is most susceptible?
Sincere Voting
when a voter makes his vote according to his true preference ranking
Social Choice Theory
elections are critical instruments of popular sovereignty
Apply Majority Rule When There Are More Than Two Alternatives?
Pair each alternative against each other alternative in pairwise comparisons, and vote over these pairings
Condorcet winner
an alternative that beats all others in a pairwise comparisons
Condorcet Criterion
A decision rule should always select the Condorcet winner whenever there is one