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Social Contract

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popular sovereignty
a principle of democracy in which political authority rests ultimately in the hands of the people
Find a form of association that defends and protects the person and goods of each associate with all the common force, and by means of which each one uniting with all, nevertheless obeys himself…
Accordin to J. J. Rousseau, the state of nature would be __________.
Plato's dialogue describing the death of Socrates is __________.
According to Plato, this philosopher accepted his execution as part of the social contract he had with Athens.
Condition of man, is a condition of war of every one against everyone
Thomas Hobbes wrote this book on government in 1650.
A type of government where the king has complete control and claims he answers only to god
Hobbes made an exception to his usual demand for obedience to government if the sovereign failed to do this for the people.
Hobbes thought that the state of nature would be one of __.
Hobbes imagined that life in the state of nature would be solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and __________.""
body politic
Hobbes saw government as an organization of the people into the __________.
absolute power, where it is necessary, is not arbitrary by being absolute, but is still limited by that reason, and confined to those ends, which required it in some cases to be absolute...
Two Treatises
John Locke wrote a book about politics called __________ of Government in 1690.
natural law
John Locke believed in this theory of law.
He drew on the ideas put forward by John Locke in The Declaration of Independence.