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Energy Flows Within the Ecosystem

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brain drain
large-scale emigration by talented people
Brand loyalty
Costumers preference for the products of organizations currently existing in the task environment
Organisms, like algae, that convert sunlight into food
Process that uses light energy to power chemical reactions that convert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and carbohydrates
Organism that obtains energy by consuming plants or other organisms
An organism that obtains energy by feeding on plant parts
A type of consumer that kills and eats other animals
An animal that eats both plants and animals
Animals that consume the carcasses of other animals that have been killed by predators or died of natural causes
interdependent evolution of two or more species
the amount of energy from one level in the food web that is transferred to the next level
primary consumer
Organisms, like small fish, that eat algae
secondary consumer
Organisms, like large fish, that eat small fish
tertiary consumer
a consumer that eats secondary consumers