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Ecosystem Concepts

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the variation of life forms within a given ecosystem.
place where an organism lives.
pioneer species
the first species living in an area
a place where people live, work, and play
The replacement of one community by another at a single place over a period of time
primary succession
if the land has never had living organisms on it, its progression to its climax community is called _______
abiotic factor
Any nonliving part of the environment
biotic factor
living organisms
have a particular combination of average annual temperature and annual precipitation and contain distinctive plant growth forms that are adapted to that climate
secondary succession
if the land had previously been occupied with living organisms, it is called _______
An organism that obtains energy by feeding on plant parts
An animal that eats both plants and animals
brain drain
large-scale emigration by talented people
A type of consumer that kills and eats other animals
Organisms, like algae, that convert sunlight into food
The total amount of living tissue, usually measured in grams, within a given trophic level
trophic level
Each step in the food chain or food web
carbon cycle
animals, plants, and other photosynthesizing organisms play important roles in the _______
the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between living cells and their environment
nitrogen cycle
ammonification is the first stage in the _______
phosphorus cycle
calcium phosphate stored in soil and rock dissolves in water as part of the _______
Water Cycle
the continual movement of water among Earth's atmosphere, oceans, and land surface through evaporation, condensation, and precipitation