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Physical Geography - Fluvial

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Causes and consequences of food poverty in the US and the world:
CAUSES: no money, spoilage, environmental degradation, unequal distribution of food (wealthy/poor, men/women), manmade disasters, political and social, corrupt governments. NOT a global lack of food.
channeled movement along valley bottom
Overland Flow
unchanneled downslope movement of surface water
low land between hills or mountains
have no clear cut channel flow:
Stream order heirarchy
From smallest tributary to larger stream channels
Air Mass
A very large body of atmosphere defined by basically similar horizontal air temperatures. Moisture conditions are also usually similar throughout the mass. An air mass takes on the characteristics of a place it originates.
as a response to an underlying structures of alternating hard and soft layers.
streams descend from volcano
This is a mixture of gases that surrounds Earth. In addition to containing the oxygen you need to breathe, it protects you from the sun's damaging rays and is always changing.
lateral erosion
A stream widens its valley by
headward erosion
A stream lengthens its valley by