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Basic Geographic Knowledge

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what is the world's largest concentration of ice, not including the north or south pole?
Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia
what is the world's largest (volume and depth) FRESH water lake and where is it located?
Mount Everest, Asia
what is the world's tallest mountain and what continent is it located on?
What does latitude measure?
the distance north or south from the equator in degrees
What does longitude measure?
the distance east or west from the prime meridian in degrees
Prime Meridian
What is the name of the line that separates the eastern and western hemisphere?
Gulf Stream
what is the current that carries warm water from the equatorial regions north along the east coast of the United States?
Sahara Desert, Africa
what is the world's largest sub-tropical desert and what continent it is located on?
Nile River and Amazon River
what are the world's two longest rivers?
The Mariana Trench
what is the deepest spot in the ocean?
Cancer Alley
150 mile stretch within chemical corridor.
what is a continent that is also a country?
what is the best example of a subcontinent?
what is the term that describes a narrow slip of land between two larger bodies of water?
what is the term for an extension of land that I surrounded by water on three sides?
what is the term for a piece of land that is totally surrounded by water?
International Date Line
What is the name for the line that marks the beginning of the world's time zones?
The Himalayas
what is the world's tallest mountain range?
what is the tallest mountain range in the western hemisphere?
What is an archipelago?
a large group/chain of islands
Continental Drift Theory
what is the name of the theory that states that the world's continental land masses "float" around the planet on large sections of the Earth's crust?
what is the world's largest country according to population?
what is the world's largest country according to land size?
Spain and Portugal
what are the two countries located on the Iberian Peninsula?
Caspian Sea
what is the world's largest body of water that is totally surrounded by land?
Lake Superior, Lake Michigan
What are the names of two of the five Great Lakes?
TR horticulture type (trees shrubs vines and other woody plants used in landscaping)
What is Continental Drift?
When all contentients drift apart. They all used to fit together like a puzzle.
the product of what we know
Hearth area
"geographic areas where new practices have developed
Requirements of Hearth Areas
Natural food supplies are
Agriculture and Maps
Higher population densities--settlements
Map of Al-Idris
First round world map, 1154
Object used to orient you based in the sky. Created in the Islamic Empire around 700 AD
Prosperity of a nation depends on its capital
family, village, etc.
World Empires
British Empire 1497-1945 other states end up deciding the validity of territory disputes
Conformal Projection
map projection on which the shapes of small areas are accurately portrayed
Includes things produced by American companies outside of America
American Federation of Labor
Federation of craft labor unions lead by Samuel Gompers that arose out of dissatisfaction with the Knights of Labor
the establishment and exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one.
exercise of military power and
Regressive Imperialism
take what's yours
Progressive Imperialism
trying to make "backwards" communities more like you
The "World System"
Comprised of the core, the periphery, semi-periphery
(from left to right)
The graph is a linear upward slope
regions with underdeveloped or
regions that are able to
Gross National Happiness:
measures quality of life
Technological innovations--50 year cycles
1790-1840: water power, steam engines
cultural, economic and political
the expansion of economic, political, and cultural processes to the point that they become global in scale and impact
Trans-national corporation
—a firm with activities
Supra-national organization
— individual states
idea that privatization of state run industries and Less spending on social services would benefit the country
Key Issues of Globalization
Tribalism; cultural values associated with religious
Globalism; pop-culture and shallow materialism of
- More people, more global connections mean more
- Globalization is new, contradictory and challenging
Globalization is nothing New
Karl Popper's "World 1 theory"
is the physical universe; it consists of the actual truth and reality that we try to represent, such as energy, physics, and chemistry
Karl Popper's "World 2 theory"
is the world of our subjective personal perceptions, experiences, and cognition
Karl Popper's "World 3 theory"
is the sum total of the objective abstract products of the human mind; it consists of such artifacts as books, tools, theories, models, libraries, computers, and networks
Requirements for hearth areas
Natural food supplies are plentiful