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Global Cities

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Victor Turner
Victor Turner
Saigon's Edge themes
human culture is structured around synecdochic systems of classification
Kinship systems (matriarchal, patriarchal)
fundamental problem people were struggling with
Mary Douglas
Shadowed ground
Kenneth Foote
Kenneth Foote
Kenneth Foote
Kenneth Foote
Kenneth Foote
all types of movement from one location to another
not just driving a Car
Transitory sites
Yasser Elsheshtawy
biological community
all the organisms that appear in a particular habitat that interact with one another
Mark Auge
A type of consumer that kills and eats other animals
Spacial practice
Henri Lefebvre
Anna Tsing
Economy of appearances
the wearing down of rock particles by friction due to water or wind or ice
Anthony Giddens
Time space distanciation
part of something that represents the whole
connecting root unseen with pieces popping up along the way
composite volcano
a tall, cone-shaped mountain in which layers of lava alternate with layers of ash and other volcanic materials
Global projects
Anna Tsing
The average weather that occurs in a given region over a long period-typically over several decades
Urban nature
destabilizing ideas of nature and cities
Saskia Sassen
What is a city?
Representations of space
- Lefebere, Henri
Alternate Sources of Energy
Global Change - Alternate Sources of Energy
Jane Jacobs
activist in urban studies; challenged the conventional wisdom regarding the value of "urban renewal" efforts; particularly concerned with move toward cleaning up and re-gentrifying urban areas
Michel de Certeau
Walking in the city
Michel de Certeau
Rise and Fall
What events or causes led to the founding of the city? Why did the city become disorganized?
Contour line
Connects points of equal elevation.
very large mass of intrusive igneous rock
Technological Change
What role did technology play in its military and economic development?
Who has power in the city? What are the key conflicts between groups in the city? How does the city use power against those outside its boundaries?
What sacred or philosophical beliefs did members of this city hold? What rituals did they perform? How did the city understand religious difference?
111 km
How far apart are lines of latitude located on the Earth's surface?
consequentialist ethics
measure the morality of an action on the basis of the consequences.
Who has power in the city? What are the key conflicts between groups within the city? How does the city use its power against those outsides boundaries?
How many degrees does the earth rotate in one hour?