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Reaction & Repression in the Reign of Alexander II

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Alexander II's reformist intentions.
From 1866 what is withering away?
- 1865 eldest son dies
Name some of the Personal Developments in Alexander II's life?
Name all 3 assassination attempts on Alexander II?
- 1866 St Petersburg Dmitri Karakozaw attempted to shoot the Tsar
They hadn't worked.
What did the assassination attempts prove about the reforms?
What did reactionary ministers urge the Tsar to do?
Reclaim control and purge Russia of foreign influences and western ideas.
No, not against the military and economic reforms.
Were the Russian people against all of Alexander's reforms?
What was Alexander pressured to do?
Make new appointments replacing Liberals with Reactionary.
Dmitri Tolstoy.
Who was the Minister of Public Instruction?
The Third Section.
What was Pytor Shuvalov the Head of?
Alexander Timashev.
Who was the Minister of Internal Affairs?
What was Konstanin Pahlen the Minister of?
The zemstva.
What got reduced control of education?
The Church's influence.
What was reasserted in education?
Students that attended traditional gymnazii schools.
In 1871 who were only allowed to go to University?
Subjects which encouraged thought. Literature, Language, History...
What type of subjects were forced out of the educational system? Give examples.
Extra-curricular student organisations.
What was banned in education?
Autocracy ideas.
People who studied abroad brought what back?
It gradually grew.
What happened to the amount of revolution?
Feudal stage.
In the late 1860's what stage of Marxism were Russia in?
What years were the Chaikovsky Circle active?
Books, knowledge and propaganda.
What did the Chaikovsky Circle share?
The Narodniks (Populists).
What group came from the Chaikovsky Circle?
What year did the Populists start?
Arrested by the police.
What happened to the Populist group?
Land of Liberty.
What group did the Populist's become?
What year did Land of Liberty start?
Pamphlets "A death for a death"
What did the Land of Liberty spread?
The Black Partition and The People's Will.
What two groups did Land of Liberty split into?
The Peasants.
Who were the Black Partition amongst and with?
What ideas did the Black Partition turn to?
What type of methods did the Black Partition use?
What methods did the People's Will use?
What did the People's Will do?
Plant three bombs on the Tsar's train.
What other opposition was against the Tsar?
1831 and 1863.
In what year was their a Polish revolt?
Re-establish nationhood.
What did the nationalist opposition want to to?
Used more liberal methods.
What was the government's response in 1880?
When was a Treaty signed?
Congress of Berlin
Where was a Treaty signed?
When did the first major revolution begin?
What were 2 effects of the reforms?
Conservatives resented the losses of influence and privilege
What were the 2 main opposition from society?
Through liberal minded intelligentsia.
How did the zemstva oppose?
Student radicals.
How did the universities oppose?
Literate educated Russians
What were the intelligentsia?
reform for judicial lawyers
What did the intelligentsia want for society?
Opposition was acute in these groups.
What was the problem with that list?