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Jacobins & the Reign of Terror

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September Massacres
September 1792 is known as what
San-culotte is known as what?
Perfect french citizen (everyday person)
Jacobins secure _______ power after the death of Louis XVI
Reign of Terror
the historic period (1793-94) during the French Revolution when thousands were executed
Girondist sympathizer Charlotte Corday
murders Marat, sparking the Committee to unleash mass public executions as a reprisal.
Girondists and Royalists
The committee(of mainly Jacobins) attacks who for perceived lack of support?
Ultimate Problem with the Jacobins
If they declare the revolution over then they will, in effect, give up political power
October 1793
Marie is executed
April 1794
Committee turns on Danton
What lead to Danton's downfall
Danton refused to support more Terror as was cast as a public enemy by his old ally Robespierre.
June 1794
Terror ends when leading Jacobins fear Robespierre will turn on them
Outcomes of the Terror
Military expansion of the French forces:
Signal of the end of the Terror
the National Convention dissolved itself after writing an extremely conservative constitution in 1795:
Aspects of French Second Constitution
Creates and executive council of Five Men: The Directors
New Government is known as
The Directory (1795-1799); EXTREMELY WEAK