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Western Economy & Culture

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Peace of Tilsit
When was the Reaper invented?
When did Washington issue the Proclamation of Amerian Neutrality?
What did the cotton gin allow?
The cotton gin allowed people to clean cotton fifty times faster than a normal human being!
when did the government in Naples send troops to retake Sicily?
When was the telegraph invented?
when did the first revolutions start to break out(first in Naples)?
About 14,500 Kilometers of track were layed out by 1850.
How many Kilometers of track were layed out by 1850?
How did the U.S. become the leading agricultural nation?
The rich interior of the continent allowed the U.S. to become the leading agricultural nation.
1853 (Gadsden purchase)
At what time did the U.S. have all of its current states, except for Alaska and Hawaii?