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Calling of the Estates General

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Estates General
legislative body consisting of representatives from all three Estates
one man one vote
The 3rd estate insisted on a system that allowed...
This would give the third estate greater...
Louis _______ their request
National Assembly
renamed from 3rd estate
absolute monarch, legislative
King Louis was a _______ before the calling of the Estates General, and wanted a _______ government.
he locked them out of the building
The Estates General wouldn't recognize the National Assembly so what did the king do??
The Tennis Court Oath
The National Assembly gathered in the king's tennis court and wrote a new constitution called...
The Tennis Court Oath stated that..
IT denied that Louis XVI had complete power; denied the idea of divine right
Peasants were _______
unable to pay debts
1st and 2nd
The King and _ and _ estates were continuing to live in luxury.
Nobles; 3rd Estate
_______ could have members of the _______ imprisoned without fair cause.