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European & American Enlightenment

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used satire against opponents, (1694-1778) French philosopher. He believed that freedom of speech was the best weapon against bad government. He also spoke out against the corruption of the French government, and the intolerance of the Catholic Church.
Nicolaus Copernicus
A Polish priest who recognized that the earth revolved around the sun (heliocentric), the sun did not revolve around the earth (geocentric).
Johannes Kepler
A mathematician who recognized that the planets did not revolve around the sun in circles, but ellipises (ovals).
galileo galilei
built his own telescope and used it to study the heavens
Freedom of thought and expression
Allows citizens to convey their thoughts and desires without restrictions (i.e. paintings, writings, statues, etc.)
Natural rights, life, liberty, and property
The rights that people are born with that allow them to control the path they choose and things they own without restrictions
Separation of Powers
The sharing of the government's power; the power is divided equally between the three separate branches of the government.
Women's Equality
The idea that women should have the same rights to property, voting, and family matters as men.
Religious freedom
What develops in Rhode Island partially because different leaders have the desire to protect their philosophy from the state?
Abolition of Torture
The restriction that governments cannot torture their citizens under any circumstances.