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French Enlightenment & the Rococo Style

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Human life should be enriched by the arts
the general conviction of the enlightenment thinkers that served to sustain the movement toward enlightenment
sparkling gaiety which is fragile, dainty, delicate and feminine
Artistic expression that distinguished Rocco from baroque
rococo signifies a secular decorative tradition found in the residence and the palaces of European nobility whereas the Baroque signifies a religious decorative tradition found in church and cathedrals
Why is Rococo style often associated with moral depravity?
expression of sexual love and the pursuit of pleasure for the sake of pleasure
Significance of the French Salon
where the french meet for social gatherings with intellectual feel, where they talk about important matters
Charles Joseph Natoire
painted Cupid and Psyche
paintings are flirtatious, elegant and flowing
How is Jean-Atonine-Watteau's paintings leave the viewer with a feeling of fete galante?
The Toilet of Venus
contrasts the "intellectual with the erotic"
French philosophers
argued for the establishment of a new secular society designed with two purposes in mind: to abolish the monarchy and to permanently remove the influence of the church from matters of state
French Courtiers
nobility were attempting to establish a society that would practice restraint by adhering to ethical rational principles and favored the excess and erotic pleasure of royalty
French philosopher's envision
where they end up speaking to the public in salons
How did French philosopher view the bible?
believed that one that accepts the idea of God that creates the universe, but not interfere with the "natural laws" at work within the universe
Denis Diderot
French philosopher who was a leading figure of the Enlightenment in France, encyclopedia which was banned by the French king and pope.
Was an encyclopedia published in France between 1751 and 1766 by some of the most prominent philosophers. It originally consisted of 28 volumes and covered everything then known about the sciences, technology, & history…
Why did Louis XV ban the publishing of the encyclopedie?
he claimed that it was undermining the morality of the people