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Effects of the Crusades

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How did military technology change after the crusades?
Europe saw and learned military strategies and weapons from the Islamic Empire
Why did the kings gain power?
Monarchs/Kings gained power because many lords/nobles lost land, so it returned to the kings.
Christianity by exploration
The Roman Catholic Church believed that they could spread ...
The crusaders killed many innocent people.
Why was the Roman Catholic Church weakened by the Crusades?
The Crusaders eyes were opened to the world. What does that phrase mean?
The crusaders had heard and seen things they had never been exposed to before. Foods, spices, technology etc., once they saw these new items they wanted them. They also saw a better standard of living which they also wanted.
Why did trade, merchants, traders and towns increase after the crusades?
People saw things they had not seen before. Once they saw these new things they wanted them. Trade, merchants, traders, towns increase to help the people get what they wanted.
The middle ....became the middle class
The feudal triangle was made of mainly serfs. Towards the end of the middle ages the serfs started to escape or go to towns. The feudal triangle started to change. Merchants, traders and craftsmen …
Literature and art started to change it became more
Woman became more