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America in Global Affairs

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Monroe Doctrine
Policy of extending power or influence through colonization, military force, etc...
James Blaine
-Secretary of State in the 1880s
Venezuelan Dispute
Pearl Harbor
military base settled by US in Hawaii
Open Door Policy
John Hay
-Sec. of State in 1890s
Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
Augusto Cesar Sandino
leader of Nicaraguan Rebellion against Jose Zelaya
Juan Bautista Sacasa
-President of Nicaragua (elected 1932)
Concentration camps (Cuba)
solution to independence movements from the people of Cuba
Jose Marti
-Leader of Cuban rebellion against Spain (1895-Spanish American War)
Yellow Press
over exaggerated or misrepresented pieces of news
William McKinley
-US President (1897-1901)
The Maine
Commodore Dewey
-Responsible for the attack on Manila Bay in the Philippines (Spain's last remaining major colony in the western hemisphere)
The Philippines
-May (1898) conquered after Roosevelt ordered Dewey to take Manila Bay
San Juan Hill
-(1898) in Cuba
Rough Riders
Band of cowboy-esque soldiers in the Spanish American War in Cuba
Puerto Rico
-(1898) Spain grants them independence just in time for rule to switch to US
Platt Ammendment
Speak softly & carry a big stick
-Proverb popularized by TR and basis of his "Big Stick" ideology.
Roosevelt Correlary
-(1904) addition to the (1823) Monroe Doctrine from TR
Panama Canal
Dollar Diplomacy
-President Taft's approach to US Foreign Policy from (1909-1913)
Porfirio Diaz
-President/Dictator for a long, long time in Mexico
Fransisco Madero
First democratically elected President of Mexico
Victoriano Huerta
-(1913) assassinated Fransisco Madero and took over as the dictator of Mexico
Venustiano Carranza
US-backed leader of a Mexican Rebellion against Huerta
Pancho Villa
other leader of Mexican Rebellion Wilson thinks of giving support to after being Angered by Carranza
John Pershing
-(1916) leads a search for Pancho Villa after he shoots up New Mexico.
Titular sovereignty
Basically no one has any idea what this is even today
Lodge Corollary
Jose Zelaya
Dictator of Nicaragua
-Started (1907)
Central American Court
Columbus, NM
Triple Entente
Semi Formal alliance between Russia, France and Britain
Triple Alliance
Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy during WWI
Franz Ferdinand
Austria-Hungarian archduke
The British liner that was torpedoed by a German submarine. Brought about the threatening of America cutting off diplomatic relations with Germany. This brought America into the war because many innocent American civilians died that were on the liner.
Zimmermann Telegram
-(February 25, 1917)
Bolshevik Revolution
Russian Revolution headed by Vladimir Lenin after he was sent back into Russia by Germany.
Selective Service
First official draft of the US
trench warfare
Battles of World War I
Liberty Bonds
Fundraiser by the US in order to pay for WWI
Red Scare
A movement that involved capitalist societies (such as the US) worrying about communism spreading to their nations
19th Amendment
Gave women the right to vote.
US policy during WWI along with neutrality