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Ngo Diem & the Republic of Vietnam

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Vietnamese catholic
What was his religious standpoint?
Why was ngo threatened with exile?
He said "Bao Dai is nothing but an instrument in the hands of the French"
Where did he flee?
Hue and then Saigon
Viet Minh
Communist-dominated Nationalist Movement. Ruled Vietnam when Japanese rule ended. Leader was Ho Chi Minh.
The vietnam national alliance
What did Ngo co found?
During the indochina war
When did he flee to America?
We failed to act as a puppet leader
Why did the United States become frustrated with ngo?
Why was Ngo assassinated?
His dictatorial rule and harsh oppression of Buddhist monks
Ho Chi Minh City
What was Saigon named after it fell to the North?
French Quarter
What is the meaning of Hanoi Ba Dinh?
What is the Geneva Confrence
The meeting of U.S, Soviet Union, China, Britain and France to solve the aftermath of the Indochina War
What did the Geneva Accord do?
Split up Vietnam and granted Viet Minh northern Vietnam
What is law 10/59?
Stated that traitors would be considered communists
Pathet Lao
Another communist movement in Laos similar to Viet Minh
In 1973
When were the Peace Accords signed
Socialist Republic of Vietnam
What is another name for Vietnam