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Nonviolent Protest

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the US Supreme Court.
James Meredith took his case against the University of Mississippi to
registering African Americans to vote.
The main goal of the Freedom Summer campaign was
It was met with violence by white protesters.
Which is a true statement about the Freedom Summer campaign?
Wallace wanted to block integration at the University of Alabama.
Which best describes the ideas of Governor George C. Wallace of Alabama?
He wrote a letter describing the violence African Americans faced.
What did Martin Luther King Jr. do as a call for action in Birmingham in 1963?
Which word best describes the response of the public to the bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church on September 15, 1963?
How did President Kennedy respond to the violence in Birmingham?
He promoted civil rights laws such as the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
the police used fire hoses on protesters.
During the Children's Crusade in Birmingham in May of 1963,
many white Southerners strongly resisted integration.
Although Brown v. Board of Education established that the segregation of schools was unconstitutional,
a campaign to register African American voters.
In 1964, the Congress of Racial Equality and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee launched
outraged by
On a national level, the American public was the violence faced by the civil rights protestors in Birmingham.
the federal government became involved.
The Universities of Alabama and Mississippi were able to integrate because
They sometimes used violence to resist the protests.
Which best describes the response of authorities in Birmingham, Alabama, to civil rights protests in the 1960s?
They were intimidated by violent threats and actions.
Which best explains why many African Americans had not registered to vote by the 1960s?
The governor and university officials blocked him from enrolling.
Which occurred after James Meredith won the right to legally attend the University of Mississippi?
He thought integration was a states' rights issue.
Why did Governor Wallace resist enrolling African Americans in the University of Alabama?
NOT - He petitioned the police to stop the violence against protesters.
What did Martin Luther King Jr. do as a call for action in Birmingham in 1963?
New laws were needed to protect the rights of African Americans.
What thoughts did President Kennedy most likely have in reaction to the violence in Birmingham?