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Korean War 1950-1953

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Domino theroy
Truman believed that, if one country fell to Communism, then others would follow, like a line of dominoes. He was worried that, if Korea fell, the Communists would capture Japan.
Containment foreign policy towards communism is containment
Cold War
Series of events between U.S. and USSR where they compete for global dominance without directly fighting each other (capitalism vs. Communism)
undermine Communism
In April 1950, the American National Security Council issued a report (NSC 68) recommending that America abandon 'containment' and start 'rolling back' Communism.
Joseph Stalin
He tried to crush all opposition and ruled as the absolute dictator of the U.S.S.R. until his death.
President Truman
President Truman believed that capitalism, freedom and the American way of life were in danger of being overrun by Communism.The Truman Doctrine had been one of 'containment' - stopping the Communists gaining any more territ…
leader of U.S forces in Korea. wanted to extend the war in china with nuclear weapons. Gets fired by Truman.
38th Parallel
Dividing line between North and South Korea. Ended in stalemate.
How did it begin
The trigger for the war was when, in 1950, Syngman Rhee boasted that he was going to attack North Korea. It was a good enough excuse - the North Koreans invaded South Korea. This sta…
Truman Doctrine
Truman Doctrine 1947 - Stated that the U.S. would support any nation threatened by Communism.
Marshall Plan
Marshall Plan Introduced by Secretary of State George G. Marshall in 1947, he proposed massive and systematic American economic aid to Europe to revitalize the European economies after WWII and help prevent the spread of Communism.