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Korean War

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Korean War
the 'Forgotten War'; 1950-1953
Communist North Korea invades Democratic South Korea; and the American containment policy
Containment Policy
tests the ability of the US to keep communism from spreading in Asia
geographic locations and participants
North Korea--China; South Korea--US; United Nations
at Pusan and at Inchon
American and South Korean troops pushed back into South Korea
surprise invasion of North Korea; the Chinese enter the war
limited war
a term of the war; fought to achieve a limited objective, which was to contain communism
key person
General MacArthur; led the US forces; fired by President Truman because he publicly criticized the decision not to expand the war into China
treaty and results
armistice signed; the 38th parallel became the border between North and South Korea; 'Cold War' is expanded to Asia and the US will become involved with the military
August 1945
Japan surrenders in World War II; the USSR in the North and the US in the South
August 1948
North and South Korea are founded; independent countries are divided at the 38th parallel
June 1950
North Korea invades South Korea; the UN and the US send troops to help South Korea, North Korea takes almost all of South Korea
September 1950
US and South Korean forces land at Inchon; North Korean forces are trapped and must retreat back into North Korea
October 1950
US crosses the 38th parallel; the US takes almost all of North Korea; the war is controversial as it may bring China and Russia into the war
November 1950
the Chinese army intervenes by protecting their border and North Korea; the US is pushed back into South Korea
January 1951
Seoul, capital of South Korea falls to the communists
March 1951
US retakes Seoul; a cease-fire declared; MacArthur wants to invade China, Truman tells him no and fires him
July 1953
Armistice signed and ends the Korean War; North and South Korea remain divided and a demilitarized zone (the DMZ) is established between them
Containment foreign policy towards communism is containment
main term of war
limited war to stop communism from spreading