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Early Middle Ages & Late Middle Ages

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Carolingian Dynasty
Charlemagne was in what dynasty?
Frankish ruler in the 700s who expanded power over France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and northern Spain
northern Spain and most of Italy
Charlemagne conquered the Frankish empire to include what areas?
Charlemagne was in what kingdom?
Frankish kingdoms and they were most powerful
Charlemagne defended what pope?
Defended Pope Leo III against roman noble and Lombard
Franks were the what ?
Strongest Germanic group in Europe from 400s thru 800's
Who were the Spanish Moors?
Muslims who settled in Spain
Charles "the Hammer" in the year 732
Defeated the Moors at the Battle of Tours France
Three Main Invaders during 900's AD
1. Vikings - From Scandinavia in the north;brutal warriors and great sailors who raided along Europe's rivers killing most and taking what they wanted!Over population and lack of available land causes them to invade!
a governing process that allowed medieval societies to protect themselves
Economic System
Feudalistic society consists of what set up
Individual centers of power called Feudal lords
Loss of Roman Legions and Govt. led to
Lords Promise
Food, Shelter, Protection for service
What are Manors
Self-sufficient mansions and lands around
What do Lords give for service?
fiefs to vassals (knights) for service
What is a Fief?
A manor and lands taken in battle and awarded for service.
Foundations of Medieval Society
Classical heritage of Rome (roman culture) and Greco -Roman Heritage
Catholic Church set up
The age of the church!!!!
Secular means
Non-church and non-religious
the church strengthens
When secular authority declines what happens
missionaries spread what
Christianity and Latin Language
Greco-Roman culture
Monasteries or monks preserve what culture and what do they do?
Western Emperors
The Pope begins anointing who?
Norman Conquest/William the conqueror
William Duke of Normandy - conquers England becomes King of England
The Holy Crusades
Pope Urban II in 1095 calls for "holy crusades" to take holy lands from Muslims and gain wealth, give Knights something to fight for and gain power for the church !!
Effects of the crusades
Hatred between 3 major religions:
Changes in medieval society
Monasteries give rise to outside universities for learning.
AD 1215
Magna Carta and England
100 year war 1300-1400's
War between England and France !!!
The bubonic plaque "Black Death"
Spread from China in Asia to Italy in 14th century by way of via sea trade routes!!!
2nd Great Schism
3 Popes for a while in Europe which was confusing to people and is why the power of the catholic church declines!!!