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Grant's Presidency

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15th Amendment (1870)
Protecting of voting rights
First Transcontinental Railroad (1869)
the First railroad built that crossed the nation from the Atlantic to the Pacific
Tweed Ring
Tammany Hall
Panic of 1873
Economic panic caused by overexpansion and overspeculation, causing the nation's largest bank to collapse (and bringing with it many smaller banks, business firms and the stock market)
Credit Mobilier
-The 1867-1868 scandal
Whiskey Ring
-A group of officials were importing whiskey and using their offices to avoid paying the taxes on it, cheating the treasury out of millions of dollars.
northeners who went south and used political connections to prey on the defeated Confederacy
The Reconstruction
Issue dominated his first term as president, main issue of 1868 Campaign
southern whites who supported republican policy throught reconstruction
Robber Barons
Negative term used to describe large businessmen of the late 1800's because of the fact that they used ruthless practices to destroy competition and took advantage of workers.
Gilded Age
Mark Twain called this period of matchless corruption, greed, and splendor.
Black Friday
the day of the gold crash, fall in gold prices triggered a financial panic
Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871
threaten southern states with federal military action unless they stopped terrorizing blacks and denying them the right to vote.
Force Act of 1870
They tried to stop southeners from terrorizing blacks and denying them the right to vote.
election of 1868
Over 500,000 African Americans turn out to vote
Susan B. Anthony
(1820-1906) An early leader of the women's suffrage movement, co-founded the National Women's Suffrage Association in 1869.
The Panic of 1873
Lasted for fives years, banking house of Jay Cooke and Company failed, the stock market collapsed along with it
Booker T. Washington
Called on Blacks to seek economic opportunities rather that political rights
melting pot
the U.S. became a nation of many nationalities