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Radical Reconstruction

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Black codes
1865-6 Southern laws that severely limited the rights of African Americans after the Civil War, Any code of law that defined and especially limited the rights of former slaves after the Civil War.- Primary pur…
freedmen could
1. could marry
Radical Republicans
members of Congress during Reconstruction who favored protection for black rights and wanted to ensure that freedmen received the right to vote - this was a precondition for readmission of Southern states into the Un…
goals of the radical rebublicans
1. breaking the power of the wealthy planters.
14th Amendment
Made former slaves citizens
election of 1866
President Johnson travels around trying to convince people to vote Dempcrat to prevent the 14th amendment
Reconstruction Act
an 1867 law that threw out the southern state governments that had refused to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment, Abolished governments formed in the former Confederate states; divided those states into five military districts; se…
johnson impeached
republicans want to impeach Johnson because he is voting their laws.
election of 1868
Over 500,000 African Americans turn out to vote
15th amendment: why did republicans want it passed?
1. african americans fought in the Civil War
southern whites who supported republican policy throught reconstruction
A northerner who went to the South immediately after the Civil War; especially one who tried to gain political advantage or other advantages from the disorganized situation in southern states;
african americans
Many southerners saw _______ as threats.
Ku Klux Klan
(A grassroots vigilante movement) Organized in Tennessee in 1866, secret society organized after the Civil War to reassert white supremacy by means of violence
murdered by a mob
Proverty in the south
1. 40 acres a mule
Radicals decline
Amnesty act
Election of 1876
Ended reconstruction because neither canidate had an electorial majority. Hayes was elected, and then ended reconstruction as he secretly promised.
Industry grow of south
James Duke: brought competitors and formed the American Tobacco Company
Voting restrictions
1. Poll taxes: voters paid fee when they voted
they lived with slaves
How was the Thirteenth Amendment counteracted by the southern states?
severly limit slaves rights
What are black codes?
marry, own property
What were the rights that the black codes allowed African Americans?
keep slaves from gaining political and econmic power
What were the codes clearly meant to do?
vote, own guns, or serve on juries
What did the Black codes forbid freedmen to do?
disliked, thought they were unfair
What was the reaction of the Republicans regarding the Black Codes?
burned things, killings
What type of violence took place in the South?
Thaddeus Stevens, Charles Sumner
Who were the leaders of the Radical Republicans?
break power; freedmen right to vote
What were the two goals of the Radical Republicans?
become more powerful
What was the motive for radical and moderate Republicans joining together?
granted citizenship to African Americans
What was the Civil Rights Act of 1866?
defined citizens/ protected their rights
What was the 14th Amendment?
didn't like, thought it should apply to more people
What was President Andrew Johnson's position on the 14th Amendment?
What is Radical Reconstruction?
Radical Republicans take over House and Senate
Explain the Reconstruction Act?
threw out states that didn't ratify amendment, divided South into military districts, commanders in each district
write new Constitutions and raify 14th amendment
How could Reconstruction States rejoin the Union after the Reconstruction Act?
people disagreed with him
Why was President Johnson impeached?
Was the economy focused enough to support Germany in the war effort?
Ulysses S. Grant
Commander of the Army of the Potomac (Union Army) from 1864-1865, had fought successfully in the West prior
What was the 15th Amendment?
denyied state the right to deny a person the right to vote
Branches of Government
13th Amendment?
abolished slavery
14th amendment?
gave citizenship to freed slaves
15th amendment?
guaranteed all citizens the right to vote, regardless of race or previous condition of servitude
martial law
rule by the military instead of civilian authority
General John Pope
Georgia was placed under the command of the much hated _______
Freedmens Bureau
To help newly freed blacks adjust to life as free people, congress created the _______
establish schools
The Freedmen's Bureau gave food, clothing, medicine, and other supplies to freed slaves. It provided legal services to freed slaves. It also helped _______.
To make a living, former slaves often chose to remain with their former _______ as share croppers or tenant farmers.
Tenant Farmers
farmers would rent a portion of land to farm; use their own animals, supplies, and equipment, paid 1/4th of their harvest for rent
The majority of freedmen entered this profession