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First Years of the Union

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French aggression at sea
The Quasi-war was fought in response to what?
What was the XYZ Affair about?
It helped prompt the Quasi-war, it was engineered by Charles de Tallyrand, and it helped the Federalists win the congressional elections of 1798
People who have left the country of their birth to live in another country
Which constitutional amendment ensured that the president and Vice President would not be political opponents?
Preparation for possible civil war
What was proposed as an ulterior motive to the building up of the army under Adams?
The Alien Enemies Act
What of the Alien and Sedition Acts was the least controversial?
The Alien Friends Act
Of the Alien and Sedition Acts, what one did Republicans claim deprived inhabitants of the right to fair trial?
The Sedition Acts
Of the Alien and sedition Acts, what one did Republicans claim deprived the inhabitans of freedom of speech?
Kentucky and Virginia
Where was the negative reaction to the Alien and Sedition Acts strongest?
States' Rights
What principles emerged as the centerpiece of Republican ideology during the opposition to the Alien and Sedition Acts?
economic depression brought by the Federalist policies
What wasn't a reason for the Republican victory in the 1800 election?
How many ballots did it take for the House of Representatives to elect Thomas Jefferson as president?
His religious freethinking
What criticism of Jefferson was the Federalist campaign of 1800 centered on?
Urban artisans and manufacturers
A major new source of support for the Republicans in 1800 came from whom?
What policy decisinos made by Alexander Hamilton under George Washington did secretary of treasure Albert Gallatin attack?
the creation of a national bank, the establishment of a permanent national debt and the heavy regulation of commerce
He cut funding to the military
What was one way Gallatin moved toward a budgetary surplus?
Adam Smith
Scottish economist who advocated private enterprise and free trade (1723-1790), wrote "wealth of Nations"
What reason prompted Jeferson to wage war against Tripoli?
The Barbary Pirates demanded the US pay tribute to secure safe passage for trade
What provoked Jefferson to attack the composition of the federal judiciary?
The dominance of Federalists in the judicial branch, the Judiciary Act of 1801 and Adams' midnight appointments
Secretary of State James Madison
Who was responsible for deliverying William Marbury's commission as justice of the peace after John Adams left office?
judicial review
Allows the court to determine the constitutionality of laws
How many federal judgeships did Republicans occupy in 1800?
He was overly partisan
Why did Thomas Jefferson support the impeachment of Judge Samuel Chase?
the Treaty of San Ildefonso
What treaty ceded the Louisiana Territory to France?
Santo Domingo
Where did Napolean hope to center his empire in the Americas?
How much did the US pay for the Louisiana Territory, per acre?
He did not want to give Federalists time to mount opposition to the purchase
What was a reason that Jefferson decided against drafting a constitutional ammendment legalizing the Louisiana Purchase?
New England
In what region was state-established religion hardest to break down?
The Spanish decision to close New Orleans to US goods
What event provoked Jefferson to send the negotiators to France who eventually worked out the Louisiana Purchase?
Who were Lewis and Clark?
US Military personnel who were commissioned by Jefferson to explore new US lands
St. Louis
From where did Lewis and Clark begin their expedition?
Toussaint Charbonneau
What was the name of Lewis and Clark's French translator?
at the mouth of the Columbia River
Where did Lewis and Clark spend their 2nd winter?
to collect scientific data and specimens
What was most likely Jefferson's primary goal for the Lewis and Clark's expedition?
the lost pathfinder
What was Zebulon Pike's nickname?
the headwaters of the Arkansas
Where had Pike been ordered to explore when he ended up in the Mexican desert?
What area of North America spawned the greatest conflict between the US and Spain in the years immediately following the Louisiana Purchase?
Espionage against the Spanish
What was a likely ulterior motive for Pike's mission in the West?
epicenter of the enlightenment
John Randolph
Who led the Tertium Quids?
What action by Jefferson directlly preceded the formation of the Quids?
His request for $2 million advance toward the purchase of West Floriday
What was a reason for the failure of Burr's conspiracy?
He was betrayed, he couldn't get foreign support, and the military situation in the southwest calmed down
US troops remain in South Korea today.
The Burr conspiracy is important because _______?
It highlighted the existence of subsersive elements in the southwest
forced service, especially in a navy or other armed force
Peace of Tilsit
Why did the Embargo Act fail?
The British found new markets, the US couldn't enforce it well and the American public revolted against the act
US manufacturing grew markedly as an industry
What was one positive effect of the Embargo Act?
What is true about the Federalists in 1808?
Spurred by the failure of the Embargo Act, they gained a handful of seats in Congress but didn't seriously challenge for the presidency