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Historiography: Causes of Civil War

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Anne Fawshawe moved from London to Oxford.
Previously lived in "great plenty and order," becoming "like fishes out of water."
A world tipped upside down.
impact of Civil war, titled on many propaganda pamhplets
documentary quote of British Civil War
Men who had broken bread together now broke each other's heads.
When Plmt tired to disband the army, the replied with the 'Declaration of Army'
Conrad Russell on impact of multiple kingdoms in causing Civil War
Earthquakes generated by crises in Scotland in 1637-9 and Ireland in 1641 spread to England, opening up fault lines there and generating the earthquake which led to British Civil War in 1642.
Jonathan Scott believed to understand Civil War, should move beyond British dimension
1618 Thirty Years War, Protestantism fighting for survival. Drew England back into war.
MP William Strode in 1628, linked English tensions with European context
Our liberties have been so invaded that we are exposed to foreign destruction.
population increase, price inflation, religious fragmentation, Archaic state
Jonathan Scott traces Civil War back to Elizabeth, as she neglected to reform problems of..
Calvinistic belief and hostility towards monarchy
Jonathan Scott notes Charles believed instability caused by...
arbitrary and popishly influenced government
Jonathan Scott notes, that in contrast, Charles' opponents believed instability caused by...