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Adams & Jackson

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Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Corrupt Bargain
The charge make by Jacksonians in 1825 that Clay had supported John Quincy Adams in the House presidential vote in return for the office of Secretary of State. Clay knew he could not win…
Sixth President of the United States
Vice President for both Adams and Jackson
After the Election, Adams appoints _______ to be Sectrary of State. Jackson's supporters claimed that a "_______''
General in charge of moving the Cherokee
Five Civilized Tribes
tribes of native Americans south of the Ohio (Cherokee, Chickasaws, Chocotaw, Creeks, Seminoles)
Spoils system
(AJ) system in which incoming political parties (Jackson) throw out former government workers and replace them with their own friends and those who support them
Came up with the written language for the Cherokee
Who was the leader during the second seminole war?
State the Cherokee were moved to
created in 1732; last of the British colonies and the only one to receive direct financial support from the home government in London
New Echota
Treaty that ceded land to the U.S. Government
Jackson had major disagreements with the _______ because he felt it favored the wealthy
The doctrine that a state can declare null and void a federal law that, in the state's opinion, violates the Constitution.
A formal withdrawal of states from a nation. December 1860, a special convention in SC voted to secede; FL, GA, AL, MI, LA, TX did the same; the 7 states met in Montgomery, AL…
Native American tribe that lived in northwestern Georgia; forcefully removed from the state in the early 1830s
One Quarter
Approximately this % of Cherokee died on the Trail of Tears
Major Ridge
Illegally signed the treaty that gave land to the United States
Jacksonian Democracy
Otherwise known as "mob rule"