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New Orleans Disasters

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Hurricane Betsy
A Category 4 hurricane that damaged the dirt levees but did less damage than Hurricane Katrina.
Used as a shelter during Hurricane Katrina, but it was not designed for long-term occupancy.
Hurricane Katrina
This storm was category 5 at sea but slowed to 3 before striking New Orleans. Nevertheless, it brought massive flooding to the city.
soup bowl
New Orleans is shaped like a _______ in terms of elevation.
The sinking of land under the weight of the city of New Orleans.
Crescent City
A nickname for New Orleans based on its appearance from above.
A levee that has a wall driven 25 ft. deep into the soil. These failed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
A levee that includes four piles that are 75 ft. deep under a concrete wall. Installed after Hurricane Katrina, the effectiveness remains untested.
flood gates
These are lowered into place to keep water out of New Orleans.
screw pumps
Century-old electric devices used to empty water from New Orleans; they flooded and failed in Hurricane Katrina.
barrier islands
These were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, leaving New Orleans more vulnerable to future storms.