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Plains Indians: Lakota

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Wakan Tanka
the great spirit, means most sacred
trickster, how not to live
personal and communal
2 types of experiences
Creation Myth
great flood-everyone dies but one girl who then marries an eagle, they have 2 kids that marry each other and have their own kids and so on creating the Lakota tribe
Death and the Afterlife
person has 4 souls: 1 goes to the milky way and 3 go into new children
Vision Quest
individual ritual (people seeking spirits) set out into the world (elements) until they receive a vision- then the shawman interprets it
sweat lodge
dark/airtight lodge, looks like universe, purify themselves mentally and physically here
Sun Dance
Axis Mundi: cottonwood tree (center of the universe, connects world and above, represents a higher power)
Who leads the Lakota Nation?
chief: great warrior, small tribes lead by men
What is the role of the shaman (medicine man)?
interpet visions received in vision quest, communicates between worlds
men: leaders
What are the roles of men and women?
What are some important items to the Lakota?
sacred pipe, sweat lodge, cottonwood tree, nature (the earth)
respect the earth, don't damage/ overuse it, do good, Inktomi stories
Is there a moral code for this tradition? If yes, how is it taught?
no formal doctrinal code
Is there a doctrinal aspect to this religious tradition? If yes, how is it expressed?