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Mexican War & Aftermath

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Manifest Destiny
The belief the the U.S. not only had the divine (God-given) right, but that God meant for the U.S. to expand from coast to coast - from the Atlantic Ocean in the East to the Pacific in the West.
Disputed territory
What was the cause of the Mexican War?
Old Rough and Ready
What was the nickname of Zachary Taylor?
Old Fur and Feather
What was the nickname of Winfield Scott?
Little Hickory
What was the nickname of James K. Polk?
Bear Flag Revolt
What was the nickname of John C Fremont?
war on Mexico
A clash between US and Mexican forces in the disputed territory caused Congress to declare _______ on _______.
Abraham Lincoln
16th President of the United States saved the Union during the Civil War and emancipated the slaves; was assassinated by Booth (1809-1865)
Civil Disobedience
A nonviolent refusal to obey a law in order to get it changed.
Henry David Thoreau
Dr. King's theory of nonviolent civil disobedience was influenced by the writings of this man
Dark Horse
An unknown political candidate is called a _______.
Mexico City
Where did General Winfield Scott invade Mexico?
Cerro Gordo
What was Scott's greatest victory?
Buena Vista
What victory over Santa Anna made Taylor president in the 1848 election?
went to fight in Mexican War
Why did Governor J. Pinckney Henderson turn over the state government to the lieutenant governor?
Colt 45
What did Ranger Samuel Walker help design?
Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo
What treaty ended the Mexican War?
Rio Grande
Where was the boundary of Texas according to this treaty?
Mexican Cession
What do we call the territory given up by Mexico in this treaty?
Gold was discovered
What happened at Sutter's Mill, CA in 1848?
With the discovery of gold in 1848, 49ers flocked to the west to dig for gold.
Compromise of 1850
Before the War, Gave North and South part of what they wanted. (1) California admitted as free state, (3) resolution of Texas-New Mexico boundaries, (5) slave trade abolished in DC, and (6) new fugitive s…
the system in which Africans were to be treated as lifelong laborers, never to be set free like white indentured servants
Popular Sovereignty
Let the people decide on whether slavery should be allowed in territories through voting.
To give up its claim to New Mexico
What was Texas required to pay from its Republic era?
Boundary Act, Pierce Plan
What plan or act required Texas to give up its claim to New Mexico?
$10 million
How much was Texas paid for this lost land (New Mexico)?
Fugitive Slave Law
One term of Compromise of 1850- _______ which states property is property no matter where it goes, from now on all gov't officials have to assist in rounding up escaped slaves
Henry Clay
Distinguished senator from Kentucky, who ran for president five times until his death in 1852. He was a strong supporter of the American System, a war hawk for the War of 1812, Speaker of…
The Great Compromiser
What was Henry Clay's nickname?
American Party
Which political party did most Texans support?
No nothing Party
Which political party was anti-immigrant?
The Whigs
Which political party was against annexation of Texas?
Gone to Texas
What does GTT stand for?
Where was the slave trade abolished in 1850?
Galveston Indianalu
After paying its debt, what did Texas put the left over Pearce Plan money into?
Who staffed the palace bureaucracy
What was the most popular language in the San Antonio region due to European immigration?
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Popular book by Harriet Beecher Stowe focusing on the negatives of slavery.
Harriet Beacher Stowe
Who was the author of Uncle Tom's cabin?