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Wet Lands Policy & Clean Water Act

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decline of wetlands
220 million acres in U.S. in 1600 Over 50% have been drained or in other uses
Ecological functions and values of wetlands
? Wildlife and fish habitat
purpose of clean water act
Established the basis structure for regulating discharges of pollutants into waters of the U.S.
federal water pollution control act
Enacted 1972 and amended 1977 and 1987
FWPCA subchapter 1
National program to prevent, reduce, and eliminate water pollution
FWPCA subchapter 2
Grants and loan guarantees to state and local government for construction of public-owned treatment works
FWPCA subchapter 3
Water pollution control standards for point sources
FWPCA section 303
Impaired waters management and enforcement
FWPCA subchapter 4
Established provisions for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). No pollutant discharge from a point source into surface waters without an NPDES permit from EPA or from states with EPA approved permit programs
section 401
State grants or denies certification within one year of request ? No other permit can be granted prior to 401
401 certification
DEQ will use public comments from public notice and from public hearings in the determination.
section 404
USACE or approved state program may issue permits for disposal of dredged or fill material into waters of the U.S., including wetlands
Normal farming, silviculture, ranching
Exempt activities (under 404 for discharge of dredge or fill material)
Nonexempt activities 404
Any discharge where navigable water areas is brought into use to which it was not previously subject, where flow or circulation may be impaired, or reach of waters is reduced
wetland mitigation ratios
? Creation 2:1
404 subchapter 5
The Act authorizes any citizen to seek relief against the Administrator (EPA) for failing to perform a nondiscretionary duty and to seek relief and civil penalties against any polluter who is in violatio…
404 subchapter 6
EPA may make grants to establish a revolving fund to pay for constructing: ? waste water treatment facilities (Section 320)