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Westward Expansion

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This party found starvation in the Rocky Mountains. They turned to cannibalism.
Lewis and Clark
Sent on an expedition by Jefferson to gather information on the United States' new land and map a route to the Pacific. They kept very careful maps and records of this new land acquired from the Louisiana Purchase.
Mountain Men
They trapped fur in the Rocky Mountains. Some made a fortune.
wagon train
The usual way to move west
She guided the Lewis and Clark expedition.
Discovered in California in 1849.
Cumberland Gap
Created by a meteor strike; it provided access to the west for pioneers.
The mountain range that was a barrier to English settlers moving west into the lands drained by the Mississippi River.
Rocky Mountains
A major mountain system of the United states and Canada, extending 3,000 miles from Alaska south to New Mexico
Daniel Boone
He led pioneers west into Kentucky in the late 1700s.
Native Americans
They lost land as pioneers expanded into the west.
Mexican War
Mexico vs. US, 1846-1848
US adds _______ and makes it part of them- Mexico thought this was act of war - US wins war and gets half of Mexico territory - including Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, parts of California and Nevada
The Alamo
A pivotal battle in the Texas Revolution; it became a rallying cry.
The Texas Revolution
A war fought in the 1830s.
Louisiana Purchase
Napoleon sold Louisiana territory for $15 million, hurt British
Lewis & Clark
explored the Louisiana Purchase.
A Shoshone woman whose language skills and knowledge of geography helped Lewis and Clark
War of 1812
Great Britain vs. US, 1812 to 1814
Causes of the War of 1812
impressment of US sailors, infringement of American trade on the seas, competition for control of the Great Lakes
turning point of the war of 1812
Lake Erie because small US navy beat the large British navy
burning of Washington, DC
White House and Capitol were burned by the British during the war
Dolley Madison
wife of James Madison who saved George Washington's portrait before the burning of the White House.
Francis Scott Key
witnessed the bomdarment
Oregon Trail
settlers traveled from Missouri to Oregon territory to settle.
Texas becomes a state
Texans fought Mexico to become free and independent and became a state in 1845.
Battle of the Alamo
where Texans fought Santa Anna and his soldiers at an old mission church.
gold was discovered in California and thousands came to get rich
Indian Removal Act
Under Andrew Jackson's presidency; (1830) a congressional act that authorized the removal of Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi River
Andrew Jackson
President from (1829-1833) and (1833-1837), Indian removal act, nullification crisis, Old Hickory," first southern/ western president," President for the common man, spoils system, trail of tears,
invented by Robert Fulton and made it easier to travel and transport goods by water.
steam locomotive
easier to travel and transport goods and materials by land.
speeded up the ways news traveled.
right to vote
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
fought for women's rights.
Sojourner Truth
United States abolitionist and feminist who was freed from slavery and became a leading advocate of the abolition of slavery and for the rights of women
Harriet Tubman
led many slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad
A person who wanted to end slavery