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Describe Louisiana
Louisiana is shaped like a boot
Western Hemisphere
What hemisphere is Louisiana in?
North America
What continent is Louisiana in?
United States
Who tries to find solutions to help Latin America with its problems
territory in western United States purchased from France in 1803 for $15 million
New Orleans
_______ claimed one of the largest and most successful slave markets.
Who is Robert La Salle
An explorer from France, discovered Mississippi River and Louisiana
What is an explorer
A person that travels looking for new lands and discoveries.
Louis XIV
Sun King successfully surprised discontent among the nobility and landowners through absolute monarchy and strict catholic rule. Believed in religious uniformity and helped to suppress the Jansenists
What is a region?
a large land area with special features that make it different from other areas
What does the Mississippi River plain have in it?
it follows the path of the Mississippi River and lake poncatrain
What does the West Gulf Plain have in it?
It covers the land west of the Mississippi River, like Driskill Mountain and Bodcau Bayou
What does the East Gulf Coastal Plain have in it?
It is the smallest region made up of the land east of the Mississippi River and north of Lake Pontchartrain
Mississippi River plain
What region of Louisiana do you like in?
What does landform mean?
A natural shape on Earth's surface, such as a plain
Driskill mountain
What is the name of Louisiana's only mountain?
a slow-moving stream
What is a bayou?
Where does the Mississippi River end in Louisiana?
at the mouth of the River also called the Mississippi delta. The Gulf of Mexico
What is a delta?
New land that builds up from the silt dropped by the river
Mountain: Driskill mountain, delta, bayou, plain, marshes
What are 5 examples of landforms in Louisiana ?
Why are wetlands important to Louisiana?
it is a place for many different plants, fish and birds to live
What is a landform?
a natural shape on earths surface
Executive Branch
(President) Executes the laws. When a law is passed, it is up to the President (through departments and agencies) to enforce the laws - make them happen. The President also makes appointments and deals …
Legislative Branch
(Congress) Makes the laws. The two houses of the federal legislature are the House of Representatives (determined by population) and the Senate (has two senators from each state). Both representatives and senators are electe…
judicial branch
part of government that interprets the law: court system